Friday, August 13, 2010

Decided to change things up a bit.

Since ALL of the people who applied (so far) graphics are amazing, I thought I would change a few things. EVERYONE who applied will be in the competition. But, for every task each week there will be elimination. One person will be eliminated from the competition. And that person is the one who made the graphic that I thought was the least prettiest out of all the graphics. So, I hope this came into your head as a reminder that you all must try your best to win.

So, HURRY UP AND APPLY. Not much more time 'til the competition starts!


ALSO!: I see that many people are not joining the official club! You must join the club to participate! If you wanna join the club click on the right side that says, "CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE OFFICIAL CLUB!"

Thank you all for your time (;

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